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Equal Playing Time

The club operates a player playing time policy in order to create the right environment for all players to enjoy their football. When players first start playing at this football club, the focus is on player development. A player can only develop and be the best they can be as an individual and as part of a team if they are given a fair opportunity to progress. As they hopefully progress through the club, there is more emphasis from the players and from the coaches on winning games.

U7-U11 Age Groups

FA and League rules state that these age groups are ‘Development’ football. Results are not published. The club operates a target of equal playing time. This applies to matches, trophy events and tournaments.


Coaches of these age groups are expected by the FA, League and Club to keep a track of individual playing time so that they have the necessary information to ensure this policy is adhered to over the course of the season.


If parents are not happy with the game time their child is getting they should raise this with the clubs committee. A child cannot develop if they are not given the chance to play games.


If a coach or coaches exclude players because they are not deemed good enough or because they have placed winning or egos above player development, they will be asked to attend a committee hearing.


U12-U21 Age Groups

FA competition and League games are deemed officially competitive in these age groups, and results are published. Individual playing time is at the discretion of the team manager.


Before the start of each season and before registering, coaches will need to communicate with their parents to clarify how they will be managing game time for that season. On no account is it acceptable for a player to be selected for a game and not get any game time, regardless of the age group or competition.


If parents are not happy that their son or daughter is getting acceptable playing time then this should be discussed with the coach or the committee.


The club operates a training only package, at half the cost of full registration, which allows players to be involved in the club and still receive coaching at training, but not be involved in weekend games. This option can be discussed with the team coach.

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